The entire process is controlled and monitored from a central Raspberry Pi2 processor which is interfaced to various transducers. The Pi and associated electronic interfaces (Controller) are housed in a steel enclosure.

The Controller connects to a passive junction box which interfaces to the various transducers. The purpose of  the Junction box is simply to allow the transducers to be easily maintained and replaced if necessary.

Electronic System Diagram



Actuator Monitor
8 Motorized Valves 16 Motorized valve status (open & close)
3KW Heater 9 Temperature probes
Extractor Fan 4 Flow Sensors
2 Pumps Weigh scales

The Fan and the Heater are not routed through the junction box for safety reasons. These are high voltage and high current devices. The cables for these are routed in separate conduit.

Fully automated brewing system using NodeJS