Black Hat

The main difference with this brew from the previous (Hop++) was the addition of Carafa malt to give the black colour. It was interesting to see that this malt has no husk and doesn’t look like a grain at all. The lack of husk avoids extra tannin making into the beer. Leaving the colour to dominate.

One other change I made was using an east coast yeast because this was where the Black IPA style originated.



Ingredient Quantity
Maris Otter Pale Malt 5.1Kg
Pale Crystal Malt 0.45 Kg
Carafa III Malt 0.35 Kg
Simcoe Hops 30g for 70 mins
Simcoe Hops 15g for 40 mins
Simcoe Hops 9g for 15 mins
Mosaic Hops 26g Dry hop for 4 days
Citra Hops 46g Dry hop for 4 days.
Yeast WLP008 East Coast Ale

Points of Note

  • The significant amount of dry hops appeared to have little effect. The same amount in a beer (Hop++) without the dark malt had more aroma.
  • There was a definite chocolate taste.
  • The colour was actually more dark brown than black. This visually detracted at times from the taste. Next time, I will add more Carafa malt.