Brew 2 – API APA

I wanted to make a pale ale a little lighter in colour than My Little Dead Pony. Using less hops to reduce the bitterness and also putting fewer in post fermentation because I thought I previously over did it.


Ingredient Quantity
Pale Malt 5Kg
Crystal Malt 0.7 Kg
Simcoe Hops 9g for 60 mins
Mosaic Hops 9g for 60 mins
Simcoe Hops 9g for 30 mins
Mosaic Hops 9g for 30 mins
Simcoe Hops 9g for 15 mins
Mosaic Hops 9g for 15 mins
Simcoe Hops 9g Dry hop for 7 days
Mosaic Hops 9g Dry hop for 7 days
Yeast WLP001 California Ale Yeast


Given the failure of the recirculating mash last time, I tried an immersion brew this time.

I took a guess at the initial kettle temp of 86C. I found a problem with my preheat routine. In order to warm up the equipment, in particular the mash tun, I heat the liquor up in the kettle and transfer it to the mash tun and back again to the kettle before adding the grains. What I found was that when the water is returned to the kettle that it is too cold to begin the mash. A further boost to 75C is required before beginning the mash.

Preheat & Mash
Preheat & Boil. Note dips during boil were due to stirring of the pot.


  • Software Bugs
    • brew 40 85 60 => no emitter name @ vessel.js line100
    • brewmon.start has hardcoded brewname
  • Mash pump clogged. Need to add a filter.
  • Need a check valve on kettle input to prevent siphoning back into the mash.